Poultry Section

Dunmanway show introduced a poultry section in 2010. The poultry classes add a new dimension to the show and are hugely poular with spectators young an old. This year, we will also host an I.S.A. qualifier for the All-Ireland Female Bantam Championship, which will be held at Swinford Show.

With the increasing popularity of the "grow your own" movement, more and more people are beginning to keep poultry. Poultry classes are also a great way to get children involved in Agricultural Shows.

Irish Society of Poultry Fanciers will award Special Rosette & one year’s Free Membership to Overall Champion.

ISA Qualifiers 2018:

  • The All Ireland Bantam Chicken (Male & Female) - Swinford

Please note: Judging will take place at 11 am sharp! All birds must be caged by 10:30am.


Enquiries / Entries

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Hard Feather
Light Soft Feather
Heavy Soft Feather
Asil Ancona Australop
Indian Game Aracuna Barnvelder
Old English Game Hamburg Brahama
Shamo Leghorn Croad Langsham
Modern Game Minorca Dorkings
Malay Silkie Vavorelles
Jubilee Indian Game Poland Frizzles
Kulang Scots Grey Marans
Satsumadori Vonwerk Orpington
Taiwan Scots Dumpy Plymouth Rock
Thai Game Sultan Rhode Island red
Tuzo Welsummer Sussex
Yakido Rumpless Aracuna Wyandotte
Yamato-Gunkei Redcap Cochin
    New Hampshire Red
True Bantam
Large Waterfowl
Bantam Waterfowl
Pekin Aylsesbury Black East Indian Call
Dutch Campbell Crested Miniature
Japanese Cayuga Appleyard (Silver)
Sebright Muscovy Silver Bantam
Rosecomb Pekin  
Belgian Saxony  
  Indian Runner  
  Silver Appleyard  

















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