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Our Fun Dog how is a highlight of the afternoon each year and is ever increasing in popularity.



Entry Fee: €3 per class.
Entries will be taken on the day from 11:30am.
Dog Show will commence at 1:30pm.
All breeds required to be muzzled under the Restricted Breeds Legislation MUST wear muzzles at all times in the show grounds and in the ring.

Class 178: Under 12 Handling Any variety Rosettes to all children in this class. 

Class 179: Teenage Handling Any variety

Class 180: Adult Handling Any variety 

Class 181: Large Dog AV 

Class 182: Small Dog or Toy Dog AV 

Class 183: Terrier Dog Any Breed 

Class 184: Fancy Dress Dog AV 

Class 185: Puppy Class Under 1 year on show day 

Class 186: Dog - any breed most like its owner. 

Class 187: Dog - any breed - confined to Dunmanway Parish

Class 188: Rescue Dog - AV 

Class 189: Working Dog - AV 

Class 190: Veteran Dog, over 10 years - AV 

Class 191: Best Family Pet - Small Dog - Any Breed
Prizes: st nd 1 - €25, 2 - €15, 3 - €10 rd

Class 192: Best Family Pet - Large Dog - Any Breed 
Prizes: st nd 1 - €25, 2 - €15, 3 - €10 rd

Class 193: Dog who has not won a prize today 

Class 194: Champion & Reserve Champion Dog
The Champion dog of the Show will receive The Merchants Restaurant Perpetual Silver Salver, presented by the Higgins Family. 

Class 195: Goldspeed Ltd & Kilgarvan Show Munster Dog Championship Qualifier

(Open to all Breeds) PRIZE FUND: €400
Entry Fee - To Qualifying Show: €3. To Final: €6.
1. Small dog any breed.
2. Large dog an breed.
3. Exhibitors in this championship do not need to be resident in Munster
4. One dog from each class qualifies from each show (1 small dog & 1 large dog)
5. Dogs that qualify at a show cannot re-enter at another show to qualify again.
6. Entries in this championship may compete in other classes at Kilgarvan Show.
7. All Dogs must enter ring without rosettes. These rules should be read in conjunction with the ISA Rules.
Entry Fee - To Qualifying Show: €3. To Final: €6.
Prize Fund at Final - 1st: €100, 2nd: €50, 3rd: €30, 4th: €20 (in each class).
Trophy for the Champion Dog. FINAL: Kilgarvan Show Sunday 4th August 2024 No Online Entry to this Class. Entry Permitted on the Day.