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We want everyone to have an enjoyable day! To help us to achieve this, please abide by the rules, obey safety officers and stewards, and listen to announcements.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Exhibits of Horticulture, Cookery, Needlework, Handicrafts and art will be judged at 4:00pm on Saturday (day before the show). Exhibitors please note – all entries in these classes must be in place by 3:30pm on Saturday and cannot be removed before 5:00pm on Sunday. Exhibitors must produce their Official Removal Card to the Stewards in charge of the various sections

  2. No entries will be accepted after the stipulated closing date.

  3. Entries must be accompanied by the Full Amount of the Entry Fee (Cheques, Money Orders, Postal Orders to be made payable to Dunmanway Agricultural Society CLG.) and must have all necessary details and information.

  4. A person entering an Exhibit and failing to send same for exhibition shall forfeit the entry fee.

  5. Exhibitors are reminded that whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of exhibits, the Society will not be responsible for any loss or damage, nor will the Society be accountable for any accident that may occur to any person attending the show, be they visitor, exhibitor or otherwise.

  6. Exhibitors accept that the Judges’ decision is FINAL in all cases. ANY abuse/harassment of Judges/Stewards/Officials will not be tolerated. Where a dispute arises, the matter will be dealt with under Rule 7 and in accordance with the ISA disciplinary procedures as appropriate.

  7. Objections in any class MUST be lodged in writing with the Secretary before 4:00pm on Show Day. All objections must be accompanied by a fee of €20.00, which will be forfeited if the objection is not upheld.

  8. No prize awarded unless 2 compete; no 2nd prize awarded unless 3 compete and no 3rd prize unless 5 compete. This rule will be waived should the Judge consider there is special merit and record same in their book at the time of judging.

  9. The Society reserves the right of refusing entries, varying prize lists and arrangements, or removing any animal or other exhibit, at any time during the Show, and shall in no way be liable for any claim for compensation arising out of the holding of, or the abandonment or alteration of the date of the Show.

  10. Should any objection be made to any successful animal in a class on the grounds of height, the Stewards of the class shall have the animal examined by the Society’s Veterinary Surgeon, whose decision shall be final.

  11. The pony section will be run under the Irish Pony Society Rules.

  12. A parade of prize winners – horses and cattle will take place if possible and if an animal is absent from this parade, the exhibitor in question will be liable to forfeit the prize or prizes awarded to the animal in the absence of an adequate explanation.

  13. First Prize winners in Horse, Pony and Cattle classes are debarred from further competition, except where otherwise stated. Winners of qualifiers may compete in other classes.

  14. Refreshments will be supplied on the grounds.

  15. The Prize List is issued subject to the General Rules and Conditions of the Society.

  16. The Society has the option of cancelling or amalgamating any class where less than three entries have been received.

  17. Young Horse Championship: Winners of the thoroughbred youngstock class are not eligible to compete for this championship.

  18. Animals entered to compete in the Irish Draught Mare classes must be registered in the Irish Draught studbook and have an I.H.R. number.

  19. All foals must be led at this show.

  20. All entries in Horse classes must have an IHR number or equivalent.

  21. Judging in the Horse Section must commence at 11:00am.

  22. NO HAWKERS ALLOWED unless they produce their own public liability insurance and make appropriate arrangements with the Society prior to the show.

  23. Exhibitors of animals are requested to have their own Insurance Cover & Public Liability.

  24. The Irish Shows Association Levy of 5% will be deducted from all prize money in the relevant sections: horses, ponies, donkeys, cattle, sheep.

  25. Winners of qualifiers are themselves responsible for entering their animals (or exhibits) for the FINAL. On completion of judging, they must attend the Show Secretary’s Office within ONE HOUR, and complete the necessary documentation and pay entry fee for the FINAL.

  26. The Society will not be responsible for any errors in either Entry Forms, Schedule, or Show Book.

  27. Cars are parked at owners’ risk.

  28. Any handler whose animal is not under his/her control may be asked to remove said animal from the arena or show field at the discretion of the Safety Officers, Judge or Stewards.

  29. Trade Stand Owners must have their own Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

  30. All Exhibitors must display their numbers so that they can be easily seen and read.

  31. Safety Officers must be obeyed at all times.

  32. Stallions are not eligible to compete in the Horse and Pony Sections due to insurance regulations.

  33. Only competent persons are allowed to exhibit animals.

  34. Bulls must be led with a pole and be under the control of two people at all times.

  35. All cattle entries must comply with Department of Agriculture regulations.

  36. In the Cattle Section, it has been ruled that a Heifer is a Heifer until she calves; then she is in the Cow Class.

  37. All entries must be in the Show Book – insurance regulations.

  38. One person only will be admitted free with each livestock exhibit, but two persons may be admitted with a bull.

  39. Cups and Trophies must be returned to the Society before closing date for entries. Dunmanway Agricultural Society requires the signature of the Perpetual Cup / Trophy winners for receipt of same from the show. The person to whom the Cup / Trophy is awarded gives an undertaking that the Cup / Trophy will be returned to the Show Secretary in as good a condition as it was received, at least 14 days prior to the date of the succeeding show. NO PERPETUAL CUP / TROPHY CAN BE WON OUTRIGHT.

Important Notice to Animal Owners Involved in the Show

The Irish Shows Association would advise all animal owners who have their animals insured to have the insurance cover extended to cover them while showing animals at shows. We understand that it costs very little, or nothing at all, to do so, depending on who you have your insurance cover with.
If you are one of the few people who does not have cover, we would advise that you think about putting it in place for this purpose. It may well be worthwhile.
The reason for us giving you this advice is to protect yourself in the event of your animal lashing out and injuring someone or damaging someone’s property. If that were to happen, and it is established that your animal was out of your control, you may be held fully or partly responsible for any injury or damage caused and may end up paying all or part of any settlement reached.