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217: Champion Ridden Pony

Equestrian ➤ Ponies ➤ Ridden Ponies Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023

Prizes: Prize-money will be paid out by post within 10 working days.

No stallions or colts over two years allowed.

The Champion Ridden Pony is not eligible to compete in Led Championship

No entries permitted on day of event.

Prizes:   1st - Rosette , 2nd - Rosette

The Castle Hotel Perpetual Cup will be presented to the Champion Ridden Pony

This is a Championship Class. Entry via Qualifing Classes.
Qualifying Classes
Class 208: Open 153cms Show Hunter Pony
Class 209: Open 143cms Show Hunter Pony
Class 210: Open 133 cms Show Hunter Pony
Class 211: Open First Ridden
Class 212: Open Lead Rein
Class 213: Novice Lead Rein
Class 214: Open Ridden Connemara
Class 215A: Family Riding Pony
Class 216: Show Pony Riding Class