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306: Champion Bird of the Show

Poultry Dunmanway Show 2023 - Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023

The Lynda Kingston Memorial Perpetual Cup will be presented to the Champion Bird of the Show

No entries permitted on day of event.

Prizes:   1st - Rosette , 2nd - Rosette
This is a Championship Class. Entry via Qualifing Classes.
Qualifying Classes
Class 294: Bantam Waterfowl
Class 294A: Large Waterfowl
Class 295: Large Light Soft Feather
Class 296: Bantam Hard Feather
Class 297: Champion True Bantam
Class 298: Junior U.14
Class 299: Hybrid / Crossbred
Class 300: Hen and chickens
Class 301: Large Heavy Soft Feather
Class 302: Bantam Heavy Soft Feather
Class 303: Bantam Light Soft Feather
Class 304: True Bantam - Female
Class 304A: True Bantam Male
Class 305: Large Hard Feather
Class 305A: Turkey